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About the Artist


Carla Taylor is a contemporary American artist who currently lives and works in Johnson City, TN. Although making art to her is a journey of discovery and experimentation, it develops further into a desire to understand herself and the human condition. Her current body of work focuses on various aspects of the female identity as well as the cyclical nature of loss and renewal in the human experience.


She utilizes several printmaking techniques in her work, using various kinds of paper, transparency, and collaging while covering and removing marks along the way. The layering of her tangled imagery, whether abstract or figurative, depicts wild yet fragile spaces. This mirrors the layers of the self and the complexities of what it means to be human. She hopes that her work transports the viewer to a place that is familiar, reminding them that they are not alone in their shared human experiences.


Taylor has been included in various exhibitions throughout the region and nationally and is currently pursuing her MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

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