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Artist Statement


Art consists of fragments of the life of an artist. My work is an expression of places I have been, memories, and emotions frozen in time. I began creating art as a way to grieve, to give voice to my pain, but in time it also became a way to express renewal. Life is a “journey through”, whether it’s through darkness and grief or healing and discovery, we are in constant movement.


 I am interested in this cycle of loss and renewal that is the human experience. The tangled imagery I often incorporate in my work is an attempt to capture this “residue” or the “essence” of these moments – a means to mark the seasons of my soul.


I find immense pleasure in the creative process and am continually motivated by a desire to discover new ways to express my ideas through different mediums such as collage, textiles, and printmaking techniques. I enjoy the push and pull between chaos and control in my mark-making, how the movement and settling of the lines can express something innate. My style incorporates an additive and subtractive process, collaging layers of marks and color, paper and paint and at times removing layers to reveal what’s underneath and invite the viewer to take a deeper look.


The act of creating, for me, is an act of connection, a bridge between solitary existence and shared human experience. One of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist is the profound sense of connection it cultivates. Through our shared experiences and emotions often embedded in our creations, I am constantly reminded of the deep bonds that unite us all.

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