Artist Statement

I am a multi-media artist. I work mainly in textiles and mixed media collage and use  layers of line as a narrative. I often have an additive and subtractive process of art making, layering marks and color, paper and paint and at times covering or even sanding them away to reveal hidden details and invite the viewer to take a deeper look.

I make art to express what’s inside me, my feelings, emotions and experiences. Although making art to me is a journey of discovery and experimentation, it also develops in a desire to understand myself and the human condition. My pieces are reflections of places I have been, memories and emotions frozen in time.  I create these abstract narratives based on my own experiences, while also allowing the viewer to make his or her own interpretation. Although abstract in nature, I use line, shape and color to convey emotions and ideas. My work explores ideas of loss, resilience, boundaries and connection. It has helped me to find my own voice when words have failed me and has been a meaningful way to connect with others and nurture my soul.


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